(Classic) Rockefella

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(Classic) Rockefella

Postby rockefella » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:06 am

Name/nick name/etc:

Hellow Folks, My name is Gencay. im already in guild (lol thx to lexy) but i want to introduce myself /lv

Brief background on RO experience (add which guild you left and why):

im old euRO- Choas player. i started to play Ro in 2003 summer right after game release officaly. i mostly played with dps chars like Hunter, spear Knight,Blacksmith after my hunter hit lv99. i made a priest and played with it till trans chars came ( its like 1 year ). I was in same guild from lv30 to lv 90
with my Hunter then drama started in guild and i really dont like these things, then i joined
Aurore but i mostly changed guilds between Forever Love, LTU, Gruppe8, Rock' n Roll, GodLike aka GEFFEN ALIANCE MEMBERS.
we were helping each other with giving taxes or Guild Dungeon PvPs, anyways then i stoped playin RO in 2006 cuzz of RL problems. then i came back to play in 2007 again. i made a Blacksmith this time (still missing it), most of my friends stoped play or they were less active. so i made new friends in G8 aka Gruppe8, i joined them at lv 75 with my BS and stayed with them till i stoped playing again ( yea RL problems strikes again...) and i gave all my items to my friends even my chars.

iRO Classic history and characters/levels:

im mostly playin with FS Priest aka Rockefella lv 95. but my future plan is make a BS right after i hit lv 99 with priest

Available pvp equips:

ive only have +7 Cran Buckler - +7 Monk Hat - +7 Silk of Ares and rest of items are renral for now.
im diggin money for raydric, marc ( its gonna take time with these prices) and
ele. armors and bucklers.


i live in Istanbul / Turkiye CET +2
so its 7 hours ahead of New York, 10 hours ahead of Los Angeles

WoE availability:

idk WoE times yet but its gonna be like middle of nite in my timezone but its ok for me,

Level of english

Good? ^^

Why would you want to join Valkyrie

i was in MvP party with Lexy and she asked me " why u didnt join a guild? " and i said " idk what guild should i join." and she replied " Valk ofc " then she talked about guild and here i am, and i want friendly, Especially drama free guild. i want to have fun, i dont need more stress, traffic in istanbul already gives a big headache to me ^^
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