[Classic] Delitus

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[Classic] Delitus

Postby Delitus » Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:51 pm

Hello - somehow, my invitation to the guild ended up preceding this application! Still, better late than never, as people say...


RO Background:
I first encountered RO through an unofficial server, back when I was 11 or 12. I was unable afford, and had no means of paying for the monthly subscription fee on official servers (and asking my parents was out of the question, as I was supposed to be a "hard-working student"... *cough*); thus began my life as a server-hopper-scrub, always moving from one server to the next as the previous one died. My unhealthy obsession with shields (both in-game and real life) led me towards the Crusader/Paladin class, and I have played it extensively, alongside Priests/HPs. I have a fair understanding of the game's core mechanics now, but I find that there is always something new to learn/discover; WoE in particular is an entirely new chapter for me.

iRO Valkyrie History:
I jumped at the chance of playing on the first official F2P RO server. That was a number of years ago... various changes have occurred since then, and I stopped playing soon after renewal was rolled out. After a few years of absence, I am back to relive the glory days of RO Classic. Naturally, I made a Crusader (two Crusaders, actually), along with various other slaves/minions - none which are really worth mentioning at this stage. However, I intend on making most, if not all, of these characters fully WoE-capable, should the need ever arise for me to change roles in the future.

Available PvP Gears:
Feather Beret, Cranial Bradium Shield, 2x Medal of Honor. Currently have no Raydric/Matyr, so using Vali's Manteau and Variant Shoes as stopgap measures. Also have a vanilla BG armor set which I intend to upgrade and card once funds are available.

Currently +0 GMT. This will change to +12 GMT in a few months' time, once I move (back) to the other side of the world. This will happen in early July.

WoE Availability:
Currently striving for full availability. However, after the big move, only Saturday WoE participation will be possible, due to timezone differences.

Not a Vent user at present; however, I do have a functioning headset. Shy, and unlikely to be talkative at first.

Language Competency:
Flutent English, Basic Korean

Why Valkyrie:
The Valkyrie Guild gave birth to my present Paladin. The decision to serve this Guild hence seems like a fitting one.

Thank you for reading!
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